Ernest Odalonu
2 min readMar 22, 2021


The Graphene Airdrop for PHR Holders’ 1st Snapshot is over, Get Ready for the next Snapshot (2nd Snapshot).

The much awaited 1st Snapshot of the Graphene Airdrop which took place on the 14th of March, 2021 was a huge success, the date for the next Snapshot (2nd Snapshot) has been confirmed to be on 11th April, 2021.

With the confirmation of the 2nd Snapshot date, it is very important that for those of us that participated in the first Airdrop to take the advantage of the period between the 1st snapshot to the 2nd snapshot and buy more so as to increase our $PHR holding which translate to more $GFN (#Graphene) rewards. For those that missed the opportunity of taking part in the 1st snapshot, the next snapshot (2nd snapshot) is another golden opportunity to Earn free Graphene, so fill up your #altcoin bag with $PHR and be among the beneficiaries of free $GFN token (Note that the total cummulative airdrop snapshots will be 6, with 1st snapshot completed, 5 more snapshots are on their way).

Snapshot ONE (Completed on 14th March, 2021)

Snapshot TWO (Comes up on 11th April, 2021)

Don’t miss out from this opportunity of being among the first owners of the $GFN (#Graphene) for free, buy $PHR and HODL.

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