The Countdown to the 2nd Snapshot of Graphene ($GFN) Airdrop for holders of Phore ($PHR) is ON!

With the 1st #Graphene ($GFN) Airdrop Snapshot done, the next focus is on the 2nd Airdrop Snapshot and the countdown to the D-day is on (it is just a matter of days to the D-date).

2nd Airdrop Snapshot Date: 11th April, 2021 / Time : 23.59 GMT (There will be 6 snapshots in total at different period, information for the subsequent 4 Snapshots will be announced later).

A snapshot of balances of $PHR will be taken on the Phore Blockchain, each address holding $PHR at this time will receive free Graphene tokens ($GFN) at a cumulative ratio of 10:1 (10$GFN to 1$PHR)

Fill up your bag with $PHR ( #Phore ) token now, just buy and HODL $PHR from any of these exchanges:


CREX24 —

Stakecube —

Graviex —



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