The 2nd Graphene Airdrop Snapshot is just Few Days Away!

Ernest Odalonu
2 min readApr 9, 2021

The 2nd Snapshot of the Graphene ($PHR) Airdrop for holders of $PHR is just days away (or better still, Hours away), so get ready with your bag full of $PHR (#Phore Token).

Date & Time of Snapshot Two

11th April, 2021 / Time : 23.59 GMT

(There will be 6 snapshots in total at different period, information for the subsequent 4 Snapshots will be announced later).

A snapshot of balances of $PHR will be taken on the Phore Blockchain, each address holding $PHR at this time will receive free Graphene tokens ($GFN) rate of 1.66GFN per 1PHR (This will be a cumulative ratio of 10:1 [10$GFN to 1$PHR] for those who completed all 6 Airdrop Snapshots)

To Recieve the Graphene airdrop , you must hold your $PHR in your phore wallet on the date and time of the snapshots. The Phore Blockchain and Graphene teams recommend that PHR is stored in a personal wallet where you have control of your own private keys.

However, if your $PHR is held in any of these exchanges or Services that confirmed their participation in the ongoing Graphene airdrops, you are quailified to recieve your free Graphene. Midas, Stakecube, and Vault Investments have confirmed their participation (Note that the Phore project is not formally affiliated with any exchanges).

Fill up your bag with $PHR ( #Phore ) token now, just buy and HODL $PHR from any of these exchanges:


CREX24 —

Stakecube —

Graviex —