Stakecube confirms the platform’s support for the upcoming Graphene Airdrop

Stakecube is an all-in-one crypto ecosystem that offers Crypto Exchange, PoS Pool, and Masternodes. They have confirmed their readiness for the upcoming #Graphene Airdrop for holders of #Phore ($PHR).

So if you have your #Phore ($PHR) on stakecube either staking, on full or shared masternode, then you don’t have to worry or do anything because you are covered as the #graphene #airdrop snapshot will capture your $PHR and you will recieve your full $GFN aidrop at a ratio of 10:1 ( 10 $GFN to every $PHR you own) on the launch date of #Graphene.

Note that other exchanges and platforms support for the #graphene airdrop will be communicated to the community as soon as they are available.

More Information about the upcoming #graphene launch and airdrop check:



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