It is another Thursday, another Phore Trivia Quiz Day!

Thursdays to the Phore community is always exciting as that is the Phore Trivia Quiz day, this week’s edition is going be fun and rewarding as usual.

Come be a part of the weekly Phore community quiz where questions on Cryptocurrencies in general and the Phore ecosystem in particular are asked and anybody that answers the questions correctly is rewarded with free $PHR.

10 Standard questions each carrying a reward of 15 $PHR and 2 Bonus questions with reward of 30 $PHR each are asked within a duration of 1 hour.

Date/Time: Every Thurdays, 8:00pm GMT.

Venue: Phore Discord —

You can also earn extra $PHR from the quiz bounty offer.

Introduce someone to the quiz session and receive extra free $PHR if he/she answers any question correctly.

Don’t miss this interesting and rewarding weekly community event, participate in the Phore Trevia Quiz, learn in the process, have fun and get rewarded with free $PHR.



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