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Get Ready for the 3rd Graphene ($GFN) Airdrop Snapshot!

Missed out on the the 1st and 2nd Graphene Airdrop Snapshots that took place on the 14th March, 2021 and 11th April, 2021 respectively? Here is another opportunity to earn free $GFN (#Graphene) with the 3rd Graphene Airdrop snapshot coming up on 9th May, 2021.


The 3rd Graphene Airdrop Snapshot comes up tomorrow, 9th May 2021. Time — 23:59 GMT

How to Participate

Buy and HODL $PHR (Phore) in your personal wallet where you have control of your own private keys or your Phore wallets in any of these platforms/exchanges (Stakecube, Midas, Vault Investments have confirmed their participation — Note that the Phore project is not formally affiliated with any of these platforms/exchanges) on the date and time of the snapshot.

(A snapshot of balances of $PHR will be taken on the Phore Blockchain, each address holding $PHR at this time will receive free Graphene tokens [$GFN])

NOTE: There will be a total of 6 Graphene Airdrop Snapshots in all, the 1st and 2nd has be done, while the 3rd snapshot will come up tomorrow (09/05/2021–23:59 GMT), the remaining 3 Graphene Airdrop snapshots dates will be announced soon.

How to get $PHR (#Phore)

You can still buy and HODL $PHR from any of these exchanges:


CREX24 —

Stakecube —

Graviex —

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